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Banner Sign Types

Outdoor Vinyl and Mesh


Outdoor banners require a strong material capable of direct sunlight, strong winds, rain etc. The recommended product is 440gsm thickness or approx 0.55mm thick polyvinyl inner threaded material. Inks are UV stable and made for long term outdoor use.


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Indoor Vinyl and Mesh


Indoor banners can be thinner and designed to hang upon ceilings, over balconies, walkways, ceiling foyers etc. The recommended product is lighter grade AND with inner threaded material for strength. Approx .055mm thick with lighter compounds.



Cafe Banner


Cafe Banner material is thick. We use a 0.75 to 0.55 thickness material with fire retardant properties, smooth surface and excellent ink adhesion. Cafe banners can be washed with water and are printed with long term colorful ink. Mesh material has equal properties and a 85% weave pattern giving maximum color density when printed.


Que Banner


The standard retractable winding 'nylon' belt que barrier post can now include a special adaptor that makes the post into an advertising holder. The banner rolls up and down between the posts. Ideally printed in mesh or opaque, the banner sign is very effective and the system includes common parts that fit all standard 63mm tension barrier poles such as seen in airports, banks, conferences, ticketing boxes etc.


Retractable Banner


Pull up display stands with a rewinding banner that stands upright. Three popular models to choose including heavy duty models for everyday use. The printing is high color on an ultra smooth vinyl banner for top quality resolution, usefulness and great looks. Ideal for company display and TV interviews.


Building Signs & Banners


Large size building signs are available in a banner sign material typically 0.85mm thick and above. Please let us know the m size of the banner sign so we can assist in the material choice. Coated poly with threaded inner webbing.






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