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News: New online Signs and signwriting shop. Australia wide sign making service with illuminated light box, magnetic signs, retractable banner stand display styles, DIY letters, A-Frame Sandwich boards and lots of outdoor banners for advertising your business cheap.

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Laser Cutting tips. How to space letters ready for laser cutting the smart way
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Scanning Images

Laser Cutting Tips
Tips Cutting Acrylic
Know what Acrylic to buy
Selecting Grain when laser cutting signage materials
Path Direction
Technical Help
Materials suited to laser cut
Lift and Drop
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Outlining Letters
Minimum spaces between letters
Add or subtract lines
How laser cutting works


Colored Acrylic panels and Clear Acrylic Panels should be laser cut carefully and allow minimum spaces between letters and shapes. Allow for excess path direction turning and material heat splatters when drawing files ready for laser cutting. Call us for advice and supplying the files that are to laser cut.

Laser cutting requires specific technical knowledge and set up of your files. If you need a special section or letter, logo or graphic designs that will be laser cut, please call us. We offer one to one assistance to help you achieve better laser cutting results
How to space letters and graphics, object for laser cutting and plotter cutting the smart way.
Minimum distance between objects for laser cutting.
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When laser cutting materials, is there a minimum distance between the objects?

 At QuickSmart Signs, when we laser cut materials that are used for high quality display, outdoor signage or indoor signs such as used for receptions foyer signs, indoor event sign and more, we often set minimum distances between the cutting edge (waste line) and the next object or letter to be laser cut.
In this manner, we select 8mm 'Between Space' or 'Free Space'.  When using drawing programs such as Corel or Adobe you can use standard nudge movement tools to save time and manipulate your 'between space' of letters the smart way.
  1. Set your movement tool increments to 8 mm
  2. Use your align and distribute tools to place letters or object left / right, top / bottom
  3. Use base line controls such as fit to bottom, move to top, align centre or other tools,

Then, once your base lettering is in position, and your measurement tool parameters are set to 8mm, simply use your nudge keys. Up Down, Left or Right. Each movement will be 8mm, and effectively give you 8mm Free Space between letters.

Minimum Distance between objects ready for laser cutting.
As a guide: The thicker the material to be laser cut the wide the free space should be between letters, object and shapes or other lines or spacers.

  • Set a minimum   8mm   for All objects and lettering, regardless of size or thickness, grade of materials to be laser cut or other.
  • When using thick soft materials such as 50mm Acrylic lettering, set a minimum 'Between Space' of  16mm .
    - This will allow you to correctly set the direction of your paths ( see our Ezine on curve radius, path direction and curve order).
  • Use a non burn over protective coating such as Heavy craft or Alluvium paper coating over your products before laser cutting, particularly heavy thickness sign products. This will help avoid burn splatter or impregnation of hot foreign objects that may spatter due to the laser cutting process. The tip is to allow sufficient material free space when cutting high quality works.

Polishing the edge of Acrylic Letters

Polishing the edges of Acrylic lettering is not often necessary due to the heat and movement elements that occur when laser cutting acrylic signs ready for lettering and building signage, display signs and acrylic stands.

When we cut clear acrylic panels suitable for high quality reception sign we flame polish the edges we use a special 'gas blown torch'. This involves flaming the edges to an almost melted point. This technique can also be applied to routed or cut edges of most acrylics. If you are using a cheap or low quality acrylic panel you are advised to take extreme care not to buckle or create hot spots that may later 'craze' over time. WE DO NOT purchase the low quality materials for our sign projects.

Know what Acrylic to Buy.

If you are unsure of the quality or origin of supply of your Acrylic Panels, you should ask your Acrylic Supplier for full specifications, ask if the materials are UV rated and to what 'life' you can expect outdoors.
This principle of 'outdoor life' and anti crazing importantly applies to colored acrylic panel signs, positioning and use. Take care when purchasing colored acrylic. If you need a panel or laser cut shape in acrylic please call us first.

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