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News: New online Signs and signwriting shop. Australia wide sign making service with illuminated light box, magnetic signs, retractable banner stand display styles, DIY letters, A-Frame Sandwich boards and lots of outdoor banners for advertising your business cheap.

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QSS can transform images or drawings on your computer screen into real items made out of an amazing variety of materials… wood, plastic, vinyl, MDF, Melamine, Aluminium, Stainless Steel in various grades, plastic sheet products, building products.

Laser Cutting wood, timber and metal differences. Learn how to laser cut.

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Many people falsely believe that a laser cuts like a "torch" simply burning through everything it touches.

This is not the case, for non-metallic materials, the laser beam actually vaporizes or ablates the material it contacts. If oxygen is not available, the process does not cause oxidation or burning. For cutting thin non-metallic materials, inert gasses such as nitrogen or argon are used with the gas-assist nozzle. This can virtually eliminate oxidation and produces edges that are free from charring.

Acrylic is an example of a material that vaporizes easily and does not tend to oxidize. With acrylic, the laser produces extremely smooth "flame polished" edges. Polycarbonate (Lexan) on the other hand, tends to oxidize, rather than vaporize and requires inert assist-gas for clean cutting. For this reason, Ryan recommends acrylic when the project does not specify a different plastic.

For thicker non-metallic materials, such as wood, the heat of laser cutting can produce secondary oxidation and charred edges are more difficult to eliminate. Laser cutting produces a "heat affected zone" (HAZ). For thicker materials the HAZ is larger and it is more difficult to remove all of the oxygen. Wood also can contain moisture and oxygen which will increase the burning. The result with thicker wood (around ˝" and above) is that the gas assist will reduce the heat and HAZ, eliminate much of the oxygen and significantly reduce charring.

Metal cutting with a laser is a very different process. To cut metal, oxygen assist is sometimes used to increase the burning and help remove material. This operates somewhat like a small-scale acetylene torch.

Thermoplastics with relatively low melting temperatures typically display clean cuts with flame-polished edges as a result of resolidified melting. Process control can be exercised to minimize or eliminate bubbling or the presence of small burrs on the backside of the cut.

Laser cutting Wood

The laser offers a number of attractive advantages for the cutting of timber, plywood, and particleboard. In particular, it provides narrow kerfs, the absence of sawdust, the ability to contour cut in any direction and no tool wear and noise. While the use of a laser likewise eliminates rough, torn-out, and fuzzy edges as evident with conventional sawing techniques, it is characterized on many woods by darkened edges produced by the laser's heat. Appears as a burnt edged.


In our laser shop, we offer set-up and programming, a 8 day turn-around on orders, personalized customer service, and 8 years of experience. We stock common gauges and thicknesses of carbon steels, stainless steels, aluminium and plastics to reduce our turn-around times.


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