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News: New online Signs and signwriting shop. Australia wide sign making service with illuminated light box, magnetic signs, retractable banner stand display styles, DIY letters, A-Frame Sandwich boards and lots of outdoor banners for advertising your business cheap.

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Vinyl Lettering Colour Chips
Self Adhesive Vinyl Lettering: Top 6 ColoursYellows RedsReds PurplesBlues GreensBeige BrownsBlacks Whites

Beige and Browns Vinyl Lettering

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Yellows Reds

Reds Purples


Blacks Whites


Beiges Browns

Favourite Colour often used. Matches ink colours well

Banner Materials

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Self Adhesive Vinyl Lettering Material


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TIP: Select a colour for you signage, then cut and paste the signage colour into your graphics program.

The colour chips shown here have been scanned at 200dpi, saved to represent the closest Pantone Colour. The left side of each colour chip is the scan, the right side is corresponding PMS Colour. Pantone Numbers are shown as determined by nearest Vinyl PVC availability.

TIP: Copy and Paste the colour chip into your graphics, word or drawing program, then use your colour picker tool.

Ivory PMS 614 Beige PMS 1205 Cream PMS 1215
Terra Di Siena PMS 157 Terra Cotta PMS 159 Chestnut PMS 168
Did you know you can select any colour, paste into you drawing program and set you design colours to make your signs the same as the signage vinyl lettering we use. Call our Australian Sign company for more advice.
Clay Brown PMS 4635 Fawn Brown PMS 4605 Dark Brown PMS 4795
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Blacks Whites


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